[mythtv-users] Blu-Ray/HD-DVD versus MythTV HD recordings

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Wed Mar 21 18:53:09 UTC 2007

Yeechang Lee wrote:
> I know what you mean. I've recorded every episode of _Ugly Betty_
> meaning to get around to trying it but only started watching this past
> weekend. (It's pretty good, with the two actors who play Betty's foils
> particularly talented.) Thanks to commercial skipping and being able
> to jump to the next episode in two seconds' time--things we MythTVers
> take for granted, but are still voodoo amongst the general
> populace--I'm already more than halfway through the lot. I've also
> lined up in the same way _Friday Night Lights_ and reruns of _Gilmore
> Girls_.

I'm there - I went through JAG, Angel, and Buffy phases.  And just went 
through a ST:DS9 phase (again - love that show...)

> After 10 months of constantly worrying over how much room I have left
> on my old 2TB NAS (now relegated--thanks to inadequate playback
> performance when recording more than one HDTV-sized stream--to backing
> up my network) and constantly deleting/expiring programs in order to
> make room for new ones, having (for the moment) a lot of empty storage
> space is bliss.

Ah... I'm still in the "how much room do I have left?" phase... archive 
storage is 1.5TB, but myth recordings is still 400GB...

> I don't expect to ever watch everything I've recorded. This was true
> back in the old 2TB-and-not-a-GB-left days, this was true furthe back
> in the 240 hours-of-SD-on-a-Series-1-TiVo days, and it's even more
> true now. What I value most from my setup is the sense of freedom;
> freedom to record what I want *and*, when I have the time (which isn't
> often), to watch what I want, whatever that may be, when I want. The
> satisfaction that the programming is there for that eventuality is
> almost worth more than actually watching the recordings, if that makes
> any sense.

Now *that's* the idea... I recently questioned my sanity as to why I'm 
paying for movie channels that I don't watch.  So I spent an hour last 
night (just like I did 2 weeks ago) going through mythweb's list of all 
movies coming on in the next 2 weeks, while simultaneously using 
"Program Finder" to add them to my ever-growing "record once" list of shows.

Of course, I could have just shoved them into TVWish...

The plan being that before a month ago, I'd seen almost every movie I 
have in MythVideo.  Now I've seen about 75%, and dropping... I record 
the shows, cut the ends off, nuvexport them, then put them into 
MythVideo.  Next step?  Adding genres to the movies...

> Of course, the comfort won't last. Eventually I'll run out of room
> again. I'll once again embark on the Red Queen's Race of deleting
> less-interesting programs in order to stay one step ahead of the
> auto-expirer. But until that day comes, I'll relish in the sense of
> freedom, while planning out the next big expansion to my storage
> capacity. Terabyte drives, anyone?

Just waiting... ;)


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