[mythtv-users] Poor quality/performance on mytharchive compared to DVDstyler

Andrew Roazen Andrew.Roazen at NAU.EDU
Wed Mar 21 18:32:17 UTC 2007

First, the specs: 450MHz PIII Dell Dimension, 512Mb RAM, unknown DVD burner, 
Hauppauge 150 defaulting to 480x480 recordings, Ubuntu Edgy.

When I was making DVDs from the Recordings folder using DVDstyler, the usual 
turnaround was an hour between (manually) creating the DVD in Ds and letting 
it make the disc. Remember, 450MHz PIII here, not a 2.0GHz core duo.

I used Mytharchive last night and it took nearly seven hours to create a DVD. 
This was the result:

1. The menus reflected the show's name, not the episode title. When you're 
archiving multiple episodes of a TV show, this is useless.

2. The selection box indicating *highlight* starts above the first menu item, 
not around it, and doesn't match until the final item. I can't remember 
whether msttcorefonts are installed on this box or not, but that's an 
egregious scaling issue.

3. The playback was unbelievably flickery. 7 hours of transcoding 480x480s to 
720x480 to achieve this seems like an incredible waste of time.

4. If a job fails, the only way to start over is to go to a file window and 
delete the temp folder. "Cancel" is unreliable, and even if you reboot the 
system Mytharchive will see the temp folder and refuse to start over.

My questions:

1. If DVDstyler can quickly transcode 480x480 MPEG2s to DVD images which play 
back as clean as the original recordings, using the same command-line binaries 
as Mytharchive, what in the blue blazes is Ma doing differently and why?

2. Where are the configurations for Mytharchive so that I can tweak it closer 
to DVDstyler's optimized settings?

Mytharchive has a very pretty interface. Its output isn't quite as impressive, 
however, unless there's something I've been missing here. Please tell me 
what's going on.

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