[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun for SDTV?

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Wed Mar 21 17:49:23 UTC 2007

jason maxwell wrote:
> BTW, why are some people so violently opposed to top posting?

I don't want to start a war about this (again), but I thought I'd point
out a few things you might not have thought of.
>  However, most email clients these days place the cursor at the top by default.
That's true.  Not top posting *does* mean sacrificing a little
convenience when you make a reply, in exchange for the future
convenience of readers.  But since you're only writing the reply once,
and other people will be reading it many times in the future, it seems
like a fair trade.  Also, people who top post tend not to trim their
quotes, which makes for excessively long messages where it's not always
clear what points are being addressed.  Having to scroll down to post
makes it more likely that the unnecessary bits will get trimmed out.

> This makes it much easier to read a concise reply since you dont have
> to first scroll past all the previous posts.

That's only easier if you've already *seen* all the previous posts. 
When someone in the future is looking at the message in an archive or
search engine, they may not have seen the whole thread.  Top-posting
makes the flow of the conversation harder to see.  Also, the convention
here is inline, so when someone top-posts, it inevitably means the
message is a mixture of top- and inline-posting.  That can be really
confusing when someone reads the message later; they have to sort of
start in the middle, read down, then skip back to the top, to get the
proper chronological flow.

> I top post for the sake of convenience and wish the few that take offense
> would just deal with it and not try to force their personal
> preferences on everyone else.

It's not personal preference, it's the list convention.  It's behaving
in a manner that others expect and are accustomed to.  I trust if you
ever visit England, you won't drive on the right side of the road
because it's convenient and demand that everyone else just deal with it. ;)

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