[mythtv-users] Low memory optimizations?

Enigma enigma at thedonnerparty.com
Wed Mar 21 17:41:22 UTC 2007


I am a long time Myth user.  2 of my frontends are Xboxes.  Since the 
release of 0.20 they have become extremely slow because of their limited 
memory (64 MB).  Under prior versions they performed passably but now 
they are swapping heavily when doing anything.  Menu changes are slow 
and playing a recording takes 15-30 seconds to begin and sometimes 
fails.  Is there anything I can do to decrease the memory usage of 
mythfrontend or X?  I saw a thread a little while ago about some themes 
using more memory than other themes, does anyone have a definitive 
answer on the theme with the lowest memory usage?  I know there are 
plenty of people using xboxes (or other memory-limited machines) as 
frontends, please chime in!

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