[mythtv-users] New to building computers and MythTV

Jon Sustar digitaldoodler at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 16:52:56 UTC 2007

Is there a solution to the cable quality/tuner problem?  Or is there another
brand or model that would be better?  What if I just used two separate

I have two more questions.
> Also do you want a small form factor case? Does it need to be silent?

Ideally, I don't want the case to be too big.  It would be nice to have it
resemble a receiver or something of the sort, so that it would fit in an
entertainment center.  Of course, a micro-atx case would limit me as far as
internal HDDs go, and I also don't know what components would be compatible
with micro-atx, like tv tuners.

Since it would be really close to my tv, I don't want it to be loud, but it
doesn't have to be extremely silent either.  I could live with a little
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