[mythtv-users] New to building computers and MythTV

Jon Sustar digitaldoodler at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 16:29:22 UTC 2007

> What types of broadcasts do you want to record, HiDef or Standard TV.

Standard TV

> Record TV for watching later?


 How many channels will you want to record at the same time?

I want to have 2 tuners, so I can record and watch at the same time.

How much TV do you want to store for later viewing?

For now, I'd probably get a 500gig HDD, but I would also want enough
internal drive bays to allow for an additional 2 or 3 HDDS.

How many TVs do you want to be able to use Myth on?

Most likely one, but would it be difficult to use it on two?


Also, is it necessary to have a frontend and backend system?  Or can it all
be run on the same box?

I've searched Google a lot for answers to a lot of these, but a lot of times
the documents seem to be geared towards people who already know what they're
talking about in regards to computer building.  I, on the other hand, know
almost nothing.
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