[mythtv-users] Blu-Ray/HD-DVD versus MythTV HD recordings

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Wed Mar 21 14:13:26 UTC 2007

> On Mar 20, 2007, at 8:49 PM, Marco Nelissen wrote:
>> Wrong again. I-frames are compressed using a lossy compression also,
>> so you would have both compression and artifacts.
> OK, OK, I should know better than to get into such a discussion on
> this list.
> This is, after all, basically consumer-level stuff, and people here
> probably just want their Myth system's to work.

    Better quality is always nice. But that's always going to be at
odds with disk space and recording time. Sure, the idea of a really
wicked high res movie does have some attraction. OTOH, that's measured
against 4 DVDs, 12 hours of high quality SD recordings, or 48 hours of
reasonable quality transcoded SD recordings.

    A lot of people are already used to Tivo basic quality recordings.

> It continues to amaze me what less than 1K$ will buy for a home video
> system.
> The problem, as always, is finding something worth recording.

    Cast a wide net, see what you catch. 9 in 10 things will get
thrown back (thus the absurd level of storage needed) but you will
manage to catch that 1 in 10 item you NEVER would have thought to

     ...you might not want to admit to anyone that you enjoyed it.
But that's another matter...

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