[mythtv-users] Invalid chanid

Ron Scott ronnie.scott at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 13:19:06 UTC 2007

 On 20/03/07, Ron Scott <ronnie.scott[at]gmail.com> wrote:
> Does anyone know why an invalid chanid might be created in the tvchain
>> and inuseprograms for a particular channel.
>> I am running .20 mythtv and currenly I have one channel that always
>> displays blank program information in the nowshowing areas (everything
>> is fine in guide). I think this is occuring because it thinks the
>> chanid is '45673892' as shown in the inuseprograms and tvchains
>> tables. Anyone know why this might be happening? For some reason
>> when these rows in the database are entered the chanid is entered
>> wrong.

>Use the channel editor in mythtv-setup and check what the chanid is
>set to for this channel. If it's bad there, any further use of it
>could be broken.

>How were your channels configured initially?


My setup is not too complicated  I have the following:

cardinputid  cardid  sourceid Inputname displayname
8      5  	1  	S-Video 1  	DirecTv
6      3 	6 	MPEG2TS      HDTV-0
7      4 	6 	MPEG2TS      HDTV-1
10 	6 	7 	S-Video 1 	GLOBO

The channel that I am having trouble with is the only one attached to
the GLOBO input card.  It is channel 596.  The chanid in the channel
table is 7596.

chanid 	 channum    freqid    sourceid    callsign    name   	
7596 	596 	596 	7 	RGTI 	Rede Globo TV Internacional 	  	

When I view through mythweb or through the "Recorded Shows" I see
blank information for channel information, title and genre etc..  When
I look into the tvchain and inuseprograms tables while watching livetv
or recording this channel I see a chanid of 4294967295.  Which is way
off.  I don't have this chanid in my channels table so I am assuming
this is why I see no information in the recording screens.  Do you
know how the inuseprograms and tvchains are populated?  Could it be
because I don't have genre or rating informations for the programming
on this channel?  Other than this phenomina I can't put my finger on
what is different about this channel setup from all of the others I

(From tvchain table)
chanid   	 starttime   	 chainid   	 chainpos   	 discontinuity   	
watching   	 hostprefix   	 cardtype   	 input   	 channame   	
4294967295  	2007-02-19 15:09:34  	live-TvHD-2007-02-19T10:08:54  	7
	0  	0  	myth://  	MPEG  	S-Video 1  	*blank*
	2007-02-19 16:09:34

(I added the *blank* to let you know that in the channame collumn it is blank)

I have removed this channel and input card from mythsetup and
reinserted them but this has not repaired the problem so I am
wondering if mythfilldatabase isn't inserting a key piece of program
information needed for a join to work?

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