[mythtv-users] CielPlus Sky Digibox (UK) Addon decoder card.

Razza ray at brambletree.net
Wed Mar 21 12:58:01 UTC 2007

> Max Hodgson wrote:
> I emailed sales at cielplus.com and got the following reply:
> >I believe that there are a growing number of software developers who 
> >have taken on this task. I have copied them in on this email and no 
> >doubt they can keep you informed of their progress.
> >
> >Kind Regards
> >
> >Cielplus
> It was cc'd to a couple of other guys. So you never know, 
> linux drivers may 
> appear.
> I also notice from the review in this months What Satellite? 
> mag, that it 
> also can download listings from the Sky EPG to the PC too. 
> From what it 
> looks like it basically sends mpeg down the USB cable and 
> probably just 
> needs some form of driver to be able to read it.
> mjh

I mailed them also and got the same reply, along with the offer of some
windows code should I want it - unfortunately I don't have the skills to
do add value.
I really hope something develops here as it could also resolve the
'holey' xml listings we have to endure in the UK, until of course sky
force a firmware download and break everything!
Is it worth setting a 'bounty' for some development?


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