[mythtv-users] logs from transoding fills disk.

Stefan Thomasson stefan.thomasson at home.se
Wed Mar 21 12:16:52 UTC 2007


The only times I have had mythtv fail on me is during the following case:

Sometimes when transoding and removal of commercials, mythtrancode fails and
get into a loop putting the following in mytbackend.log

Failed to decode frame.  Position was: 0

This results in filling up the the parition I have mounted /var/log on which
results in backend hanging, frontend is not able to access it anyway.

- I changed /var/log to a separate partition after after the first incident
I had with this issue. 

I am currently running 0.19-0.10 from multimedia.debian. All recordings are

So the questions are
- Is the looping a known issue with mythtranscode/mythtv? Solved?
- Can I prevent the log to fill the disk? Possibillity to disable the log
(wont stop MT from looping though).
- Is it the backend or the transcode process that fills the log and needs
logging to be turned off?


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