[mythtv-users] Mickey Mouse-voices

Jimmy Hedman jimmy.hedman at southpole.se
Wed Mar 21 10:32:55 UTC 2007

I have a MythTV 0.20-installation that I've been using 6-7 months which
have been working really good. But all of a sudden all recordings, both
old and new, have "Mickey Mouse"-voices, ie they are pitched up. The
recordings play in normal speed but are "jumpy".
I first thought it was some heat problems and that the CPU was throttling
or such, but it is still there after a night turned off.
I have made no changes to the box when this appeared. A week earlier I did
a DVB rescan, that's the only thing done with it since I installed it.
top and vmstat shows that I have plenty of idle power, low IO, no swapping
and no other oddities.
Any ideas what this could be?

Many thanks in advance,
Jimmy Hedman

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