[mythtv-users] Invalid chanid

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Mar 21 01:03:40 UTC 2007

On 03/20/2007 04:43 PM, Ron Scott wrote:
> Does anyone know why an invalid chanid might be created in the tvchain
> and inuseprograms for a particular channel.
> I am running .20 mythtv and currenly I have one channel that always
> displays blank program information in the nowshowing areas (everything
> is fine in guide).  I think this is occuring because it thinks the
> chanid is '45673892' as shown in the inuseprograms and tvchains
> tables.   Anyone know why this might be happening?  For some reason
> when these rows in the database are entered the chanid is entered
> wrong.


You have the same bad data as the OP in that thread, so my solution for 
him holds for you.  And, for a quick peek at the results, read the next 
message in the thread.

> Is this question worthy of entry to the development group as it seems
> like someone would need to know the "code" to answer?

The -dev list isn't a "because I need someone who knows the code to 
answer my question" list.  It's a "let's discuss this change before we 
force it on unsuspecting users" list.  So, unless you've coded a patch 
and are soliciting feedback on that patch or you're volunteering to code 
new functionality and are proposing an implementationn on which you'd 
like others' opinions, the -dev list probably isn't the place to post a 

(Note, this isn't aimed directly at you, but it seems that many users 
are under the mistaken impression that their questions are 
special/complex/obscure/... enough to warrant posting on the -dev list 
or discussing on #mythtv (rather than #mythtv-users).  Those who post 
questions to the proper forum--as you did by posting to the -users 
list--are far more likely to get a response, and in many cases, that 
response may come from a dev (or from a casual hacker, like me).)


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