[mythtv-users] Deinterlacing on an LCD projector -- I'm confused.

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Tue Mar 20 20:05:55 UTC 2007

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> Hi,
> I have a Panasonic PT-AX100U LCD projector.  I have it set to 1280x720 @
> 60kHz.  Most likely the actual Vsync is slightly less than 60kHz because I
> get this message in the log.
> Video sync method can't support double framerate (refresh rate too low for
> bob deint)
> From what I gather this occurs if the refresh rate is below 59.95kHz.

I've had this problem before when the refresh rate calculated is just
below the required rate (I think it's an xorg issue). Either don't use
bobdeint, try a custom modeline that bumps the refresh rate just
enough or hack videoout_xv.cpp to assume 60Hz :)

> So, does it make sense to have Deinterlacing turned on with my projector?
> That error message does not show up all the time, only on certain programs.
> Why is this?

Are all your sources interlaced?


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