[mythtv-users] Performance issues with new hardware.

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Mar 20 19:08:23 UTC 2007

Jon wrote:
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>> Have you tried changing your theme? Gant and some others need more 
>> resources than others.
>> I have not looked into this at all, but it occurs to me that you may 
>> *need* to run a widescreen theme. From comments here, myth 
>> does not seem 
>> to like changing resolutions. And you may be forcing a 
>> resolution change 
>> when going into the guide. And X may be getting confused 
>> because you may 
>> have no 'smaller' modes available. If you don't have it already, try 
>> adding a '800x600' to you modelines and see what happens.
> I have my X res set at 1280x720.  I do not have any other modes in my
> xorg.conf.  I will try adding some more.  I've only had it hard lock one
> time with the new board and it took many attempts at agressively bringing up
> the guide and dismissing it.  It's _hard_ to reproduce now.  I have a friend
> with a simmilar board and setup with the same problem however.  I will be
> able to do further testing through him.
> Does the guide honor the gui resolution or playback resolution?  I don't
> have either set explicitly, but I will try forcing both to my native res.

I would presume that the EPG follows the resolution of the output 
setting. But that may not be the case if your theme, in effect, 
contradicts the resolution of the output hardware. Myth menus's may not 
be affected, but the guide is not a 'unitary' sort of thing. Just a 

>> And what happens if you are already ssh'd into the box? It's really 
>> weird that you should get that hard a lockup...A lockup of X I can 
>> understand..., I get that, but in my case, the backend 
>> continues to run 
>> and I can ssh in, and kill the frontend and X without affecting the 
>> recording in progress.
> It hard locks, ssh session hangs until it times out or the machine is
> rebooted so sshd can tell the client it's been disconnected.

THAT is really weird. You may want to try shutting down the frontend and 
backend, then ssh'ing in to establish a connection. Then restart the 
backend and frontend, and see if you can crash things....with the idea 
of seeing how far into the process list (ps -ae) the crash reaches. As 
noted, when I freeze the frontend, ssh continues to work, even though it 
is the last process.


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