[mythtv-users] nfs related frontend issues

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Tue Mar 20 17:08:11 UTC 2007

Blammo wrote:
> On 3/20/07, John Goulah <jgoulah at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  I had recently switched all of my data partitions to an NFS mounted
>> filesystem.  Everything works fine, until the system is sitting for about a
>> day or so, and then when I try to go into the videos they are gone, and I
>> have to restart the frontend.  A similar problem happens with the music
>> portion, except it just freezes when I click it.  Again restarting the
>> frontend solves the problem. The NFS partitions stay mounted (I dont have to
>> remount anything).  Is there anything I can do to resolve this, or ideas on
>> where to look for the problem?
> You might check your firewall setup on both backend and frontend. I
> had an issue on a system I set up a few months ago, where iptables
> kept killing NFS sessions after a "idle timeout".
> You don't say what OS you're running, but if you're running a
> redhat-derivitive (centos, rhel, fedora etc) you should be able to
> stop the iptables service (as root) by typing "service iptables stop".
> Give it 24 hours and see if that helps.
> To stop the service from starting on boot (again on a redhat) you can
> type "chkconfig iptables off"

To echo the above, if you have a firewall in place on your FE, just turn
it off as you probably don't need it anyhow.

You say that the NFS partitions are always mounted?  I take it, then,
you are not using automounter (autofs) or anything along those lines,
which would mean that you have the entries in your local /etc/fstab
file.  If that is the case, what are the options you have listed for the
mount point?  How about on the main server.. what do you have in your


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