[mythtv-users] Link for Lirc compile problems on newer kernels

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Tue Mar 20 16:20:01 UTC 2007

Jon wrote:
>> As root, start lircd using the -n option (do not daemonize):
>> lircd -n /etc/lircd.conf
>> then try to connect with irw or anything.  If you have the 
>> same problem 
>> as I do, you will see the following output:
>> hermes:/home/mythtv# lircd -n /etc/lircd.conf
>> lircd: lircd(serial) ready
>> lircd: accepted new client on /dev/lircd
>> lircd: could not get file information for /dev/lirc
>> lircd: default_init(): No such file or directory
>> lircd: caught signal
>> Terminated
> You need --device=/dev/lirc0
For whatever reason, a make clean && make && make install fixed it....

Now I'm getting the 'unrecognized key' issue....  Is there an example 
lircrc file anywhere that has all of the keysyms that myth uses?  The 
one that ships with SVN uses irexec, which isn't what I am looking for.  
I am looking for native support (unless that's been deprecated?)


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