[mythtv-users] Fedora, Fluxbox, Myth

Boleslaw Ciesielski bolek-mythtv at curl.com
Tue Mar 20 15:46:04 UTC 2007

Thom Paine wrote:
> I've spent the better part of today looking to get fluxbox working
> with FC6 on a FE running myth.
> I can't seem to get things figured out, nor can I find a good howto on
> getting thins setup and running.
> Can someone give me a rundown on what I need to do to get things going?
> Currently I have a working FC6 install with twm working. I installed
> gdmsetup and I have my mythtv user automatically logging in.

There is not much to it. Install the rpm and put something like this in 
the ~/.xsession file:

mythfrontend -l /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log &
exec fluxbox


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