[mythtv-users] Vid Card Recommendation

Indulis Bernsteins indulis.b at au1.ibm.com
Tue Mar 20 09:14:32 UTC 2007


S-Video is noticably better than composite.  Component is better than 
S-Video.  VGA is better than Component (?).  DVI/HDMI is better than VGA 
*only* if you can get the TV to not overscan or otherwise stuff up your 
nice picture. 

If you can do S-Video, stick with this rather than composite. I tested 
S-Video over composite using the DVD "The Fifth Element" (Superbit 
version), and you could see about 2 to 3x the number of stars in the 
starfield at the start of the film.

 If you can easily upgrade to any other interface instead of S-Video, do 
(15 yard runs of VGA cable using good quality cable can still be v v 

I am using an nVidia 6200A which you can get as a passive cooled card 
(usually on eBay but you might get lucky with surplus sellers), seems OK. 
I am driving it as a normal computer monitor via VGA, then S-Video to 
composite adapter, and composite to my TV in the other room, and am about 
to change this around to a VGA to the other room.


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