[mythtv-users] Has anyone seen a USB DVB-T adapter work with MythTV with their own eyes?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Mar 20 02:11:01 UTC 2007

On 03/19/2007 09:52 AM, David Campbell wrote:
> Chris Pinkham wrote:
>> Quoting things a little out of order for effect....
>>> Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail. Thank you!
>> Perhaps you should consider the environment before sending emails.
>> You quoted 4-5 lines, responded with your own 3, then included another 20+
>> or so of unrelated garbage in your signature.
> Love the irony of sending another email to complain about wasted email 
> bandwidth (90 bytes).
> I liked the sig by the way  - lets make it a printer free world

I don't think it was the network bandwidth Chris was trying to save, but 
the processing bandwidth (and I don't mean CPU resources)--meaning that 
those of us who actually took the time to read the e-mail found it 
difficult to figure out what part of the message was 
important/useful/on-topic...  At first glance, I thought some spammer 
had sent e-mail as a list member.  It took me much longer to find the 3 
lines of relevant information than it took to read those 3 lines of 

While the author of the message did take the time to trim irrelevant 
information from the message to which he replied, he destroyed the 
effect--and possibly made it worse--by burying his message in a bunch of 
other junk (a la junk mail).  If nothing else, the author should at 
least figure out how to do a proper signature that causes most clients 
to subdue (or cut/fold/hide/unfocus/whatever) the off-topic info (think 
proper delimiter).  Better, though is to read up on netiquette--where 
the author may stumble across a reference to the McQuary limit 
(proscribed to conserve network bandwidth /and/ reduce the time required 
to read the message)...


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