[mythtv-users] Zalman HD135 remote ?

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Tue Mar 20 01:36:25 UTC 2007

On Monday 19 March 2007 20:40, clinton wrote:
> I can't get my Zalman HD135 remote to work with Fedora Core 6. What are my
> options for an IR remote?

Too many to enumerate. My impression is that most MythTV users run LIRC and 
configure it to recognize whatever remote is convenient -- either the remote 
that comes with their TV card or a universal remote programmed for whatever 
device is common. There are probably thousands of configurations that would 
work. In fact, although I have no personal experience with it, my suspicion 
is that you could get your Zalman remote working if you find appropriate help 
or documentation. (I don't use LIRC or the Zalman HD135 remote myself, 
though, so I'm afraid I'm not the one to provide that help.)

Another type of option is to use a wireless keyboard instead of a remote; or a 
variant of this is to use a wireless keyboard and configure a suitable 
universal or learning remote to emulate that keyboard. This is what I do; 
I've got a One For All URC-6131, which is a universal "PVR" remote marketed 
to TiVo owners. Mine is hacked to include a JP1 interface, so I was able to 
reprogram it to send the codes that are sent by my Lite-On infrared keyboard. 
This configuration works pretty well and bypasses LIRC entirely. In my case 
it took a certain amount of skill to set up because JP1 is a do-it-yourself 
sort of tool for remote configuration. I'm sure it would have been easier 
with a Logitech Harmony or other high-end universal remote.

Rod Smith

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