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R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Mar 19 18:41:01 UTC 2007

Brian Wood wrote:
> On Mar 18, 2007, at 6:52 AM, Stroller wrote:
>> On 17 Mar 2007, at 21:37, Jason wrote:
>>> I am from Canada so SD (I don't plan on going digital anytime soon)
>>> is the only real option right now.
>> I don't know anything about Canadian broadcasts, but SD can be
>> transmitted digitally. You should be aware of the difference -
>> digital does NOT equal hi-def (but typically more channels & more
>> convenient for us).
>> Here in the UK the "brand name" for digital SD is Freeview.
> I believe that most, broadcasting in Canada is still NTSC analog (or  
> "vestigial sideband" AM transmission. There are some digital rigs  
> that could presumably be received by the same sort of ATSC equipment  
> as used in the USA. 

Canada will be trailing the US in changing to digital broadcast, but 
there are already a numnber of digital broadcasters up and running. As 
for cable, the cable suppliers seem to be more proactive in feeding ATSC 
digital streams alongside analog NTSC streams on cable.
I get about 450 digital streams on Rogers cable. This includes about 35 
SD level digital TV channels, some 70 to 80 audio (FM) channels and a 
large whack of premium content (including HD channels) which need a set 
top box to descramble. My channel lineup differs from feeds Rogers sends 
to other nearby areas. Some checking shows that Cogeco which is the 
monoply supplier just west of my house, has a similar digital stream 
structure. Most of the digital streams are almost duplicate feeds of the 
local channels, but from other cities and ofter time-shifted as a 
result. But the local broadcast channels and especially the local HD 
channels are NOT available for free but remain available in the analog 
channel universe. What happens when....? No idea.

Presently I'm using an HD3000 card and have an HDHomeRun on the way.


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