[mythtv-users] US Gov gives $80 credit towards purchase of HD equipment??

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Mon Mar 19 15:54:59 UTC 2007

>> $80... what a waste of taxpayer money...

...as if the mandatory switch to digital isn't.

Everyone (consumers and content providers) are all being
forced to throw out or retrofit old hardware. It's not
really unreasonable that the ultimate instigator of all
of this bear some of the cost.

Since it's broadcast spectrum involved, the people that
are most likely to be negatively impacted by this are
those least likely to be able to pay for it and be most
likely to be impacted but it (cable vs. OTA).

> Considering the amount that will be earned by auctioning off the
> unused spectrum, we can probably afford this.  Also, some of the
> frequencies will be used for public safety.  I know some is going to
> E911 functionality

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