[mythtv-users] No sound nforce2 using SPDIF

Jon jon at sd-6.org
Mon Mar 19 13:21:51 UTC 2007

Jason Portwood wrote:
> Jon wrote:
>> Check the output of mythfrontend when you start playback.  Check that
>> both IEC958 and IEC958 playback are not muted.  Also if IEC958 has a
>> mixer, set it to zero.
> I have checked via alsamixer that both IEC958 are not muted.  IEC958 
> doesn't have a mixer, the playback does and it's not set to zero.
IEC958 playback should be set to zero, some versions of alsa will not
play audio though spdif if it is not.
> no sound out of Mythfrontend..
> Not sure how to check the output of the Mythfrontend.
Start mythfrontend from a xterm.
  The volume is at
> 76 and I have adjusted it during playback.
Spdif volume isn't controllable.
> audio device is set to:  /dev/dsp (I have tried adsp)
Should be ALSA:default
> pass thru is ALSA:iec958 (AES0 0x02)
> no options are checked except for the volume.
> mixer is set to: /dev/mixer with PCM selected.
Set volume mixer to default
> Any other ideas?  I wonder what I'm missing.  I just don't understand 
> how the system can play sound OK yet Mythfrontend is just quiet.  Why is 
> that?
> Thank you,
> Jason

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