[mythtv-users] Can't get system to wake up at set time.

Craig Huff huffcs at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 01:27:26 UTC 2007

1) Henrik,

Thanks for your help.  Your clarification did the trick.  Eureka!

It seems I wasn't being observant enough.  Now I notice that the alarm clock page in the BIOS is clearly marked "APM Configuration".

I didn't have any reason to suspect that the APM alarm clock settings, which I can set with nvram-wakeup, were different than the ACPI alarm clock settings, which are not shown in the BIOS setup screens.  Just to make everything totally confusing, both alarm settings work, under certain circumstances -- but they appear to be mutually exclusive sets of circumstances.  Boy does that make my head hurt!

Now I notice that if I set an alarm value in /proc/acpi/alarm, I can successfully read it back with "cat /proc/acpi/alarm", but ONLY until I reboot.  Once rebooted, at least the date string is bogus, and perhaps the time is bogus under certain undefined circumstances.

I took Henrik's advice a step further and combined it with hints in the MythTV WIKI page for ACPI Wakeup Troubleshooting.  I modified /etc/init.d/halt to read back the alarm setting into a variable, left in the code that posted the system clock to the hardware clock, and then posted the alarm setting back to /proc/acpi/alarm with a tee so it gets echoed out during shutdown.  If I am watching the shutdown messages, I can see when the alarm is set to go off and wake the system up.  (Another way to check that it got set to a valid date/time -- I'll probably take it back out and just set the alarm eventually.)

2) Stroller,

Yes, but it never hurts to double check.  In fact, I had resorted to having mythwelcome run shell scripts I wrote so I could check what parameters were being passed and logging everything in logs I added.

Now that I have sleep/wake-up working, I can start dismantling all the extra cruft I added and get down to just what's needed to get the job done (while not breaking the working setup!!!).

Unfortunately, it's too late to get all that done this evening and I'm unlikely to get much time during the week.  Hopefully sometime this coming weekend I'll finally have a fully autonomous (meaning no more nurse-maiding) PVR working!!

Thanks again for your help.  I truly was ready to throw in the towel and give up if I couldn't get this working soon.
Craig Huff
huffcs from yahoo

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