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Sorry about the double post.  I have been having posting issues that I think I have resolved, and didn't see that the prior post made it to the list.

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>>> On 3/17/2007 at 11:01 AM, in message <5387cd30703171101w4473350fhc51d52534a204097 at mail.gmail.com>, Nick Morrott<knowledgejunkie at gmail.com> wrote:

On 17/03/07, Dwight Morgan <dwightbulk at charter.net> wrote:
> I upgraded to SVN trying to  fix a HD problem, when in fact it was an OS
> issue.  I have fixed that issue, but not I on an SVN and would prefer to
> step back to fixes or stable.  Based on my myth version, how far back will
> my DB let me go?  Is there a good doc on going back before SVN?  I am fine
> other than the PMT issue, an maybe some scheduling issues, but I am tired of
> waiting on a PMT fix, and I haven't developed the skills to go after it
> myself.
> Thanks,
> -Dwight
> Add Remove Programs indicates:  .21-153
> MythVersion: 0.20.2007.124-1

Note: Please don't repost the same message after a day. It will be seen.

I have not seen any HOWTOs on reverting backwards from SVN releases to
stable releases - my own advice is to take a DB backup, extract any
valuable information such as channels, recording rules, details of
previously recorded programs, and then reinstall MythTV afresh. You
may find yourself in a position if you can quickly revert a
single/couple of DB updates, but the longer you run SVN for, the
greater the number updates to the DB.

You can manually revert the database changes - but you need to know
your current installed revision of MythTV (you need to find this
information out as you seem to be using the atrpms.net builds from the
info you provided), and the revision you wish to revert back to - I'm
guessing <12619. You then need to check the relevant dbcheck.cpp file
(either for trunk
or for 0.20-fixes
) and determine which database updates need to be reversed.

As SVN regularly adds new DB schema updates to enable new
functionality, it can frequently get to a point where it's quicker to
start over than reverse dozens of schema updates.

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