[mythtv-users] Question about asoundrc

Michael Wisniewski wiz561 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 19:55:08 UTC 2007


    I'm running Ubuntu Linux and have a small problem with
asoundrc.conf.  Right now, my sound works, and I do not have any
asoundrc files anywhere.  I have a soundcard that outputs both digital
and analog sound.  Right now, when I have the 'ac3 pass-thru' enabled
in mythtv, the digital sound is outputted to the receiver just fine,
and the analog sound is outputted to the rca mini jack and the

   The problem I'm having is that the sound sounds garbled when it's a
digital feed and played through the analog rca jack.  I tried the
following file...


    Which sounds that it's the same problem I'm having...but it
doesn't work.  Can anybody suggest anything?  I placed the file in
/etc/asound.conf, but it didn't seem like it took it.

Thanks in advanced for any help!


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