[mythtv-users] Mac Mini opengl and deinterlacing

Byron Poland wpoland at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 19:23:43 UTC 2007

I just set up a new mac mini (1.83, 2gb ram) running ubuntu 6.10
(edgy) as a combo backend/frontend to drive a 32" HD display running
at 1360x768.

It is mostly set up.  I used the patch in the wiki to get 1080i
programing to play without the blue screen.

I am not thrilled with the playback of 480i broadcast stuff (received
via QAM) the 1080i is better, but not as good as 720p.  I have the bob
deinterlace filter enabled, which I have read is the best method.  the
computer has no problem with horsepower.  The picture seems jumpy,
wouldn't call it choppy, but def. not smooth.  Also the OSD stuff
seems to jump and is jagged sometimes.  On 1080i and 720p streams OSD
things look fine...... any tips for getting smoother 480i playback?

Also I'm used to running with the OpenGL painter, but when I enable
that, and restart mythfrontend, my colors are all white... ie if using
MythCenter as the theme, it displays all the blue backgrounds as
white....  I suspect this is a i810 driver issue, but I was curious if
anyone else has seen it and if there is a solution.

If anyone has any questions about getting myth installed on the Mini
I'll try and keep an eye on the list and add pointers when I can.


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