[mythtv-users] Stuttering video and audio with MythDVD and XvMC

Joel Michael joel at gimps-r-us.com
Sat Mar 17 15:11:05 UTC 2007


I've got a rather strange problem with MythDVD, but only if XvMC is 
turned on.  The video stutters, the audio stutters, and MythDVD usually 
closes when it hits the DVD main menu.

I know that MythDVD works fine, as using the standard MPEG decoding 
library will let me watch a DVD quite happily.  I know that XvMC is 
working fine, as it kicks in when watching live tv in both SD and HD. 
It just seems to be the combination of the two that is annoying me.  It 
doesn't seem to be connected to the particular DVD that I'm trying to 
watch, it happened with Fight Club (tonight), all 6 discs of House 
Season 1 (last week), and almost every other DVD I own.  Is it possible 
that this is because all my DVDs are Region 4 (Australia)?

I need to use bob de-interlacing, as the TV I have connected is 
connected via HDMI, and the interlacing artifacts are quite noticeable 
even at couch distance.  The TV is running at 1080p, and X is configured 
with a resolution of 1920x1080.  The video card is a NVidia 6200 (AGP), 
using the NVidia binary drivers.

Can anyone point me in any kind of direction to get a bit more 
information about what's happening, so I can get this problem fixed?  It 
is annoying to have to turn on XvMC for TV, then turn it off for DVDs - 
it lowers the Wife Acceptance Factor somewhat :-)

I must say I really do love MythTV, I actually watch TV now because of 
it.  Now to buy another tuner card, a satellite tuner card, and a custom 

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