[mythtv-users] One more tip for those using myth with a monitor instead of a TV...

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Sat Mar 17 01:43:43 UTC 2007

Recently, I picked up a Gateway FPD2275W monitor from Best Buy - nice

anyhoo, it's sitting in the bedroom on my MBE / 2nd frontend box.  I've
got lirc setup and I'm using the Hauppauge grey remote with it.  But
once I'm done watching shows there, I have to get up to turn off the

Not anymore... a little googling, searching the list archives, one
config file edit, and one shell script later...

Put this stanza in ~mythfrontend/.lircrc

# Red Button
    prog = irexec
    button = Red
    repeat = 4
    config = /usr/local/bin/monitorpowerbutton.sh

And this script as /usr/local/bin/monitorpowerbutton.sh


STATUS=`xset -q | grep "Monitor is" | awk '{print $3}'`

if [ "${STATUS}" = "On" ]
    xset dpms force off
    xset dpms force on
exit 0

Inspired by Jarod's power button trick for mythfrontend...

                       Ian Forde
                       RHCE (7,EL4), CCSE, SCNA, SCDME

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