[mythtv-users] Master BE/Slave BE/ FE using NFS share instead of BE question

Melvin J. Cureton melvincureton at MELCRYS.COM
Sat Mar 17 01:23:24 UTC 2007

In reading the thread about the prebuffering I thought I might put my
MySql DB on my central DB server to take that load off the master BE but
since it will no longer be on a BE will it matter which BE starts first?
As it is not the one with the DB is the master but since I'm going to
move it off of there will the master just be the one that starts 1st?
And is there a way to tell the front ends to just search the network for
the current master? Someone also mentioned having the front ends pull
the files of the NFS share instead of streaming them from the BE. Is
there a checkbox or something to enable this? My front ends already have
the video NFS share in fstab to connect at boot. Thx in advance



Myth 0.20


Thank You

Melvin Cureton

melvincureton at melcrys.com


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