[mythtv-users] PS3 as FrontEnd

Matthew McClement mythtv at macker.co.uk
Sat Mar 17 00:24:35 UTC 2007

Yan-Fa Li wrote:
> On 3/16/07, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
>> I've just acquired a PS3 with Yellow Dog Linux installed.
>> There has been some discussion of using the PS3 as a Myth frontend,
>> and several folks, including me, were dubious about that working,
>> mainly because the nVidia graphic chip is only supported as a simple
>> frame buffer.
> Perhaps once the nouveau guys get going this will no longer be an
> issue.  The PS3 GPU is supposed to be based upon a 7800 core.

I don't think it'd help anything, as otherwise the xorg nvidia driver
would be adaptable(it's fairly 2D complete I believe, it's just 3D that
is lacking).

I think the main problem is that the PS3 Hypervisor cuts off all access
to the 3D hardware, or rather, it only virtualises enough of the
graphics adapter to support FB.

The following has a good description of how the separation is done on
the PS3:



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