[mythtv-users] Did I mess everything up?

Gary Dawes gary.dawes at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 16:03:08 UTC 2007

I managed to fill my / partition on knoppmyth a couple of times.

If the box will boot, then you can use du -f to check for for the
directories taking most space.

A couple of times, I have managed to gain space by moving the files in
/var/lib/mysql to the /myth partition ( with mysql stopped of course) and
then moving them back.

Otherwise it's a case of using a rescue disk and mounting the partition so
you can delete files.  I once had to backup all my files and do a complete
install from scratch to gain a  bigger root partition. To my mind knoppmyth
still does not offer nearly enough on an automatic install.



On 16/03/07, Yan Seiner <yan at seiner.com> wrote:
> Kokor Hekkus wrote:
> > I think I was paying with interest for my year without problems
> > because at the same time my ISP's link went down, and I couldn't
> > consult wiki or forums for some advice. I was also struck with
> > overwhelming stupidity combined with being very tired (it was around
> > 2AM) and impatient so I thought what the hell I'll just delete
> > everything in my /var/log dir and see what happens. Doing that I was
> > able to get only 70MB of free space so I guess problem was not in
> > logs.
> Deleting the log files shouldn't cause any great problems.  You may have
> to create some directories, but most logging is done (or should be done)
> by syslog, which should create any missing files and dirs
> automagically.  (I have not actually tried this, mind you.  But
> typically logging just sort of happens.)
> Have you tried restarting the machine?  Any specific problems?
> --Yan
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