[mythtv-users] capture card setup, audio device options

James Warden warjamy at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 16 13:12:55 UTC 2007

I second that question. Using jackit would be cool in some way, but mythtv does not fall into the pure sound app category. It would be fun though to redirect the mythtv sound outputs to ardour and play around with some strange mixing, apply some realtime ladspa filters, etc  ;) On the other hand, I tend to see mythtv as the couch-potato app "par excellence", not really suited for experimental sound mixing (apart from getting surround effects, obviously).


Alan Calvert <cal at graggrag.com> wrote: Hi,

A naive little question - the only options I'm seeing for audio device
selection in capture card setup are the dsp's (ie, no alsa/jack). Is
that normal?

cheers, Cal
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