[mythtv-users] Audio squealing and hissing

Christopher McCurdy christopher.mccurdy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 11:13:37 UTC 2007

My mythtv backend has a WinTV-Go for recording. Up until a month ago, I was
using RCA video output from my directv receiver plugged into the composite
input, and the RCA outputs from the satellite receiver combined into a
stereo plug and plugged into the line-in slot on the card. Sound was fine, a
little tinny, but it worked well enough. From there, I daisy-chained the
line-out of the WinTV card to the line-in on my motherboard (snd_cmipci).
Everything was good.

But now I'm using the coax cable as the input. The sound works, but it
produces a horrible squeal louder than the program's audio, and sometimes it
just distorts things. I've heard some things come out octaves lower than
they should be, but sometimes there is just buzzing and cracking... always
louder than the program's audio.

It sounds clear when I watch tv using tvtime. I've plugged in speakers to
the line-out on the WinTV card, and it sounds clear. I'm not sure exactly
which part is causing the distortion, but it seems to be mythtv and not the

I've recompiled mythtv to a few different versions, and that didn't fix
anything. I've attempted to switch the input from /dev/dsp to ALSA:default,
and that didn't fix anything. I've also attempted to use uncompressed audio,
instead of mp3 audio, and that didn't work.

CPU: Dual Athlon 1600MP
Memory: 512 MB
Distro: Gentoo
Version: 0.20_p12172
Video Card: /dev/video0
Audio Input: /dev/dsp

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