[mythtv-users] EEK! System Reboots when Svideo connected

jamesjtucker at comcast.net jamesjtucker at comcast.net
Thu Mar 15 22:21:55 UTC 2007

> Possible motherboard BIOS settings 

I took the box into work today to test it on another TV via s video... it still did the weird reboot thing.  I turned of ACPI in the bios, and everything works just fine now... 
The strange thing is that i *know* no one has messed with the bios settings, and it has been running with those settings since i first set it up. Now to figure out WHY it started doing this .....

Thanks to everyone for all the help!

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From: "David Watkins" <watkinshome at gmail.com>
> > Interesting side note: It appears that the box DID record monday's ep of 24, 
> even though x wasnt started.... hmmmm......
> Well that pretty much narrows it down to an X-Windows problem.  The
> mythbackend doesn't need X so wouldn't be bothered if it didn't start,
> but the rest of the machine must have come up OK.
> I'd concentrate on:
> nvidia drivers (did you update the kernel but not the nvidia-kmdl package?)
> xorg.conf (does it have proper configuration for TV-Out)
> nvidia-settings ( not sure what might be in there but perhaps you can
> disable/enable the TV Out)
> Possible motherboard BIOS settings (does your motherboard perhaps have
> it's own TV Out socket that needs to be disabled)
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