[mythtv-users] EEK! System Reboots when Svideo connected

jamesjtucker at comcast.net jamesjtucker at comcast.net
Thu Mar 15 03:24:32 UTC 2007

This is not strictly mythtv related, but i am hoping someone can help. 
I am running mythv Frontend/backend .20 on ubuntu server, w/ PVR 150, and Geforce FX 5200 w/Svideo out to put it out to the Tv . Processor is amd 64 3000
  The system has been  running fine for quite some time with no issues. I had not updated any packages prior to this issue starting. The last thing i remember doing was using winscp to sync some mp3 directories (~20 GB). I am not sure what happened, but somehow or another i had to reboot the machine, and x refused to start. When i boot the system with the svideo cable connected, ubuntu gives me the splash screen (loading bar), then appears to reboot ( i see the inital screen displaying the video card info) and goes blank. At this point i have to hard power down the system.  Similar things happen when i try to boot from a livecd, which leads me to believe that this is some sort of hardware weirdness.
    Today, i went out and bought another AGP geforce 5200 and put it in, with the same results. I have stripped the box down to bare essentials, and started the sad task of add part > boot > reboot > add part.
It works with everything in it, but only when connected to a VGA monitor, when i have the svideo connected, i get the weird rebooting. 

I have also tried reinstalling nvidia drivers and various configuration tweaks in xorg.conf, but the livecd tests seem to indicate that there is a hardware problem or something. I swapped Svideo cables, RAM, and keyboard also. 

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Maybe the power supply is going? I dont have too much hardware left to swap :(


Interesting side note: It appears that the box DID record monday's ep of 24, even though x wasnt started.... hmmmm......

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