[mythtv-users] No sound in mythdvd

Frank Beatrous frank at beatrous.org
Wed Mar 14 23:56:24 UTC 2007

I'm using mythfrontend version 0.20.20060828-3, installed from the ubuntu 
edgy package. I can't get sound to work with mythdvd. Sound seems to work 
with all other mythtv components, and it works when playing dvd's in xine 
as the mythtv user.

The setup is generic ubuntu, with a fresh install of edgy running both the 
frontend and backend. I've gone through logfiles, and have found no 
references to sound related errors. I have very little to go on, but here 
are a few observations.

* The dvd player field in the frontend setup is blank. I did try
   a couple of other players (xine and mplayer), but reverted to
   the default mythdvd by blanking out the field. The audio MAY
   have disappeared right after trying out the other players, but
   I'm not certain of that.

* Sound did work briefly a few days ago, right after installation, but
   doesn't work any more with mythdvd. Video continues to work just fine.
   Sound continues to work with other mythtv components, and with other
   dvd players.

* The logfile /var/lib/mythdvd/mtd.log is no longer being written.
   The last entry is two days ago, about the time the audio stopped

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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