[mythtv-users] 20-Watt Via EPIA ME6000 Frontend

Peter Watkins peterw at tux.org
Wed Mar 14 17:25:20 UTC 2007

On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 07:35:18AM +0800, Bob wrote:
> Peter A. Daly wrote:
> > I've been measuring stuff like crazy with the Kill-a-Watt I recently 
> > got for my birthday.  Great geek toy.
> >
> > My ME6000 based (MiniMyth) frontend uses:
> > 16 watts - Idle
> > 20-21 watts - playing video.
> >
> > I'm quite pleased.  It'll save about $50/year in power compared to my 
> > previous frontend.

BTW, if you want a low-power frontend for MPEG2 SD-only, you should look 
at the Hauppauge MediaMVP and the MVPMC software. I've got an old MediaMVP
that I use for my SD recordings, and my Kill-a-Watt measures just 3 watts
whether idle or playing video.


I wouldn't want the MediaMVP as my primary frontend (even if I didn't have
HD to play), as the MVPMC interface is limited compared to the native
mythfrontend app (just imagine the programming constraints of a device that
draws 3 watts peak and costs less than $100 USD).


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