[mythtv-users] DirectTV HD DVR

Greg Oliver greg.oliver at cistera.com
Wed Mar 14 14:47:32 UTC 2007

I re-installed myth yesterday to rip some DVDs and re-setup my
music/video library.  I got tired of comcast not giving me firewire
after several threats, so I switched back to directv for the quality.

I got 2 of the new HD DVRs (they suck for responsiveness), but they
record all the HD channels :)

After I start mythbackend now, myth logs into the dvr somehow.  When I
stop mythbackend, I get a message on the TV HD DVR screen that "user
Myth Media Player has logged off".

I did some packet dumps of the network and did not see anything but
broadcasts coming from the dvr to a multicast address - never did I see
anything about connection from my laptop (myth) to it,  but thought it
was nice if something is coming down the road to interface with it!

Anyone else experienced this?



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