[mythtv-users] 20-Watt Via EPIA ME6000 Frontend

Peter A. Daly petedaly at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 13:15:25 UTC 2007

On 3/13/07, Timo Boettcher <spida at spida.net> wrote:

> > I've been measuring stuff like crazy with the Kill-a-Watt I recently got
> for
> > my birthday.  Great geek toy.
> I did something like that, too:
> http://blog.spida.net/index.php?/archives/3-Powerusage.html
> Note that this is a combined frontend/backend.
> Pentium-M with two hdds, two pvr350, ... -> 90W.

Nice chart.  I really like the way you measured each component.  One of my
next projects is to make a combined front/backend on this platform.
Basically it will be adding a hard drive, PVR-350 card, and slim dvd player
to the existing setup.

Your experience matches up fairly well with my expectations (which are wild
guesses.)  I figure I'll be somewhere around 30-35 watts.  We'll see.

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