[mythtv-users] ivtv doesn't seem to register with KWorld Terminator

Angus sylvania at istop.com
Wed Mar 14 04:17:24 UTC 2007

Nick Morrott wrote:
> On 14/03/07, Angus <sylvania at istop.com> wrote:
>> Nick Morrott wrote:
>>> Using a (as I understand it) software encoder capture card requires
>>> ~1GHz of CPU - it'll be touch and go whether your Celeron will give
>>> you acceptable results. Read the MythTV docs for more info on this.
>>     Well, the card claims that 800MHz is sufficient, and from what I've
>> read, 800MHz is good enough for the role.
> For MythTV, it may be just about adequate. You may not be able to
> record and play back LiveTV at the same time.

    I believe that is correct. I remember reading that I couldn't 
capture and view at the same time, and not caring much.

>>     Ok, I've looked at it, and to my shock and dismay, I don't see the
>> KWorld Global Terminator. Is this the end of the road?
> There are details for it in the card listing (penultimate entry). Look
> again and compare to your current config.
>>> You can test the card with a TV program such a tvtime to see if the
>>> card actually works.

    Ok, I took my box downstairs and connected it to the video out on my 
cable box, and I saw lots of black on tvtime's dialogue. If I was 
suppose to do any configuration beyond  what I've done already,  it 
wasn't obvious to me.
>>     Uh... ok, I thought that MythTV *was* a TV program. There seems to
>> be a lot of very confusing overlap of terms in this genre. Too many
>> different things share terms.
> If you read the MythTV documentation you'll see it offers PVR
> functionality (and much more) by encoding/storing the video from your
> capture card onto your hard drive. Simpler TV viewing programs like
> tvtime just display whatever is being fed into the capture card at the
> time. There is a *big* difference
    That's what I thought. But I'm less interested in capturing, or 
watching TV on a computer monitor as in playing stuff back on the TV out 
and getting the remote to work. I was thinking of looking into making it 
a PVR later.

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