[mythtv-users] How-to test MythTV activity from cron job

Chris Mcnally mcnallychris at pobox.com
Wed Mar 14 02:34:28 UTC 2007

> So, my question is this: is there a way to "test" Mythtv from
> > a cron job to determine if there are active recordings in process? I
> > thought I might be able to query the database? But, in looking at
> > mythtv's tables, it is not obvious to me what table/field I would
> > issue the test against? Or, maybe there is already a "hook" built-in
> > to mythtv that I could use? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
> > 
You can use mythshutdown which will return a status:

mythshutdown --check


mythshutdown --status

some options for mythshutdown are

-c/--check          (check shutdown possible returns 0 ok to shutdown
                                                     1 reset idle check)
-s/--status         (returns a code indicating the current status)

         0 - Idle
         1 - Transcoding
         2 - Commercial Flagging
         4 - Grabbing EPG data
         8 - Not used
        16 - Locked
        32 - Not used
        64 - In a daily wakeup/shutdown period
       128 - Less than 15 minutes to next wakeup period

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