[mythtv-users] Using Internal on MythVideo - a possible solution

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Wed Mar 14 01:00:37 UTC 2007

After answering my own question regarding restarting a video while using 
the Internal player (which BTW is "No you can't"), I set about finding a 

While searching the archives for a solution I noted one poster said he 
had set his Action on playback exit set to "Save & Exit". I suddenly 
realised that the Internal player was using this setting when playing 

So I decided to play around and I think I have a temporary solution for 
those wanting to use the Internal player to play videos.

In TV Settings -> Playback -> Page 2: Action on playback exit, I set 
"Always Prompt". While this is a minor annoyance when watching 
recordings, it effectively gives you control when watching videos. When 
exiting a video you will be prompted to "Exit & return to the menu" or 
"Keep watching". Selecting exit will of course exit, but the video will 
now restart every time. The downside of this is the position in the 
video will not be saved, ever. If that is what you want then this 
solution is not for you.

So until MythVideo with the Internal player supports both saving the 
position AND starting from the beginning again, I am quite happy to put 
up with this option. I anyone else has worked out a better way, I am all 

I hope this helps someone else on the list.


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