[mythtv-users] imdb

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 13 23:06:12 UTC 2007

brian boyle wrote:
> Hey Folks.
>   is anyone else not getting any details about a movie if you do a 
> search of IMDB. i am getting the picture but nothing else. this just 
> started happening about two or three weeks ago. nothing has changed in 
> my configuration that i know of.

from mythweb?
It's working for me. Although I always have to click the IMDB link 
twice. The first time, the the same page redraws but is a bit wider 
(like the css had changed). The second link takes me to IMDB with the 
proper search.

(TV.com and Google have the same problem: gotta click 'em twice.)

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