[mythtv-users] MythArchive Guide - Burning TV Programs to DVD

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Mar 13 22:06:10 UTC 2007

George Nassas wrote:
> On 12-Mar-07, at 3:07 PM, Paul Harrison wrote:
> My thought is to add a static method to the frontend's PlaybackBox  
> class where plugins can register button callbacks to be added after  
> everything else in PlaybackBox::showPlaylistPopup. Mytharchive can  
> call that during its init. Not sure if the class is visible from a  
> plugin but something that would be the ideal approach.

That could be easier said than done. PlaybackBox isn't visible to 
MythArchive. It would have to go into either libmyth or libmythtv that 
both mythfrontend and the plugins have access to.

I'd be inclined to just detect if MythArchive is installed, maybe look 
for libmytharchive.so, and only add the menu item(s) if it is.

> The callback itself would instantiate a MythburnWizard and call a new  
> method which would effect the first N-1 screens and leave the user at  
> the last one. Lazy people can just click Finish and others have the  
> option of backtracking to touch up things.

Is there a way to just create an instance of MythburnWizard from the 
frontend? You'd probably have to load the plugin and somehow it would 
have to detect that it should start MythburnWizard rather than show the 
Archive menu. Maybe set something in the DB settings that MythArchive 
could check when starting up?.

> Comparing MythburnWizard::createConfigFile and loadConfiguration it  
> looks like most of the required settings are saved to the DB so we  
> could just take the approach that this 1 click DVD just reuses the  
> settings used for the last burn.
> Two settings which aren't saved to the DB are mediatype and dvdrsize.  
> Would it be OK to add these to save/loadConfiguration?

Yes that's fine.

> Anyway, based on my quick looksee this seems like something I can  
> knock out in an afternoon. I'm out of town right now but have time  
> when I return. Within a week I should have something ready to submit  
> to trac.
> - George

I'm going to change a few things to make all this a little easier and it 
will silence a few wingers that don't like the way archive items are 
selected :-). The 'Find Files To Archive' menu will be removed and three 
buttons will be added to both the archive wizards to 'Add Recordings', 
'Add Videos' or 'Add Files'. The archiveitems table will change its use 
slightly - it will only contain items _selected_ for archive and will be 
cleared after each successful run of the script.

Paul H.

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