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Wim Fokkens wimfokkens at planet.nl
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I read here




The proprietary drivers from VIA contain support for most chipsets, mpeg2
and mpeg4 acceleration, but are of low quality and often unstable. In
addition, the 3D driver leaves your system open for attack by malicious
clients, and furthermore, applications that accelerate mpeg2 and mpeg4 must
be run as root, which is a very bad idea if they contain vulnerabilities
(and they do). Avoid using these drivers unless you know what you are really
doing! The drivers can be found  <http://www.viaarena.com> here. Also, these
drivers are distribution specific and a driver for different distribution
other than yours might not work.


This of course sounds very bad. But this page is not very up to date.


last modification: Wednesday 03 of May, 2006


The last driver from via are very new

Version - 0.81  14 February 2007


So are all these issue's still true, are the drivers still not stable and do
I still have to run as root to make use off the hardware acceleration.






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On 3/12/07, Wim Fokkens <wimfokkens at planet.nl> wrote:

Here in the netherlands its on sale






I think the biggest question you'd have to look at is does Myth support the
features that the driver seems to support in the chipset. The Unichrome
drivers have been developed to take advantage of the MPEG-2 hardware
decryption (via XvMC) and then these drivers are leveraged in MythTV. I'm
not sure the same would be true of the via drivers.

I have an SP13000 with a CN400 chipset and I also have the DVI-02 daughter
card, so I'm quite interested in what else you can find out about this new
motherboard and whether the drivers implement some standard Linux and/or
Xorg video acceleration specification.

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