[mythtv-users] Tuning Hd setup

Mark Bell markb at pilgrim.com
Tue Mar 13 21:34:00 UTC 2007

I have tried multiple distros and capture cards and have finally got one
working pretty well 

But it could use some tuning.


1-       Tearing during HD playback when panning I have seen a lot on
the web about this and was wondering if you guys have some good settings
I could start with

2-       When an HD station is first tuned it will stutter for 10
seconds or so and then will be rock solid.




Hardware consists of

PVR-150 for analog                   

Fusion5 RT Lite for Qam

P4-2.85 Ghz

2 gig ram

NVidia 5200 256 Mb AGP

Displaying to 20' LCD right now but plan on outputting to my 42 Inch
Samsung RPTV 






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