[mythtv-users] For whom the bell tolls [RM for DVB aka CPCM]

Blammo blammo.doh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 21:11:13 UTC 2007

If you care about being able to record and playback video on a
platform of your choosing, you need to be up to speed.. this is a
little scarey:


<quote from Slashdot>

"The EFF, reportedly the only consumer rights organization to be
granted membership of the Digital Video Broadcasting consortium,
reports that TV and movie industry representatives have been pushing
for DRM in the DVB technologies. This in itself is not entirely
unexpected, but these talks have been going on in closed meetings. The
EFF itself has been blocked from reporting on this until now as a
condition of being allowed to attend. The proposed technologies allow
rights-holders and broadcasters to severely hamper your ability to
make use of broadcast television content, including the ability to
retroactively blacklist any devices that consumers may already own
that act in ways undesirable to the rights-holder or broadcaster. The
EFF concludes that public interest and consumer rights advocates must
fight back."

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