[mythtv-users] MacOSX frontend & 1080i

Andrew Kimpton awk at awkward.org
Tue Mar 13 17:53:32 UTC 2007

Quoting Todd Ignasiak <ignasiak at gmail.com>:

> On 3/13/07, Andrew Gallatin <gallatin at cs.duke.edu> wrote:

> Also, I doubt the LCD is being run at 150Hz, where does Myth show
> that?   I think LCDs are set to 60Hz by default, although it's hard to
> tell for sure.   I installed SwitchResX control panel & output the DDC
> data for the display, and it showed it was running 1440x900 @ 60Hz.

It's a very long time since I looked at it - but there is code in  
Myth's videoout 'portions' which attempts to get the refresh rate for  
the display but when that fails (there is no refresh rate for a  
digitally connected LCD Panel) defaults to 60Hz. If I recall there is  
a second place where this reported value is then multiplied by a  
constant (I thought 4 - but that doesn't make sense given the reported  
value of 150Hz).

Some of this may be different if you're using the CoreVideo output  
mechanism which I wrote some months ago but I don't think was ever  
committed - is it possible that Andrew G & Todd are not running the  
same videout device (CoreVideo vs. 'standard'). The reported refresh  
rates may be different between these two approaches (see para. 1 above).

I apologize for the vagueness of the response - it's been some months  
since I looked at any of this Myth code.

Andrew 8-)

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