[mythtv-users] MythVideo, Internal player, restarting video

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Tue Mar 13 15:20:25 UTC 2007

I finally has overcome my issues with using the Internal player and 
choppy video/audio from ripped DVD's (which BTW was setting this on 
mythfrontend! - chmod +s /usr/bin/mythfrontend).

Anyway, the only issue to work out now is how to restart a video from 
the beginning once I have already started & exited  it. Aside from 
actually rewinding all the way back, I can't see any other way. 
Hopefully someone can tell me otherwise - how does one restart a video 
using the Internal player? I would rather not go back to Xine just yet.....

Any help appreciated....


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